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Lingvistika Praha 2015

A kde je tedy zakopaný ten pes? – Čeští neslyšící a frazeologie

Radka Zbořilová
FF UK v Praze

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Where’s the Rub? – The Czech Deaf and Phraseology.

The article discusses certain aspects of written Czech in communication of the Deaf. The attention is particularly paid to concepts of idioms and phraseology and their place in this type of communication (and also in teaching Czech for the Deaf). First, it explains the context of the research – the special linguistic and communication situation of the Czech Deaf and their life in hearing society, which means Czech as a foreign language, but not only that. Then the author analyses and summarizes, why phraseology is so important in whole communication (in case of the Deaf – the role of reading comprehension): although at the first sight phraseology seems to be the “high level” of language skills, practically the Czech language is more idiomatic than native speakers guess. In the short section, author also briefly considering the issue of phraseology in sign language – two special groups of signs, Indirect Naming Unit and Specific Signs (or Deaf Signs), have some attributes of idioms. The main part of article deals with examples of A) how Deaf students understand Czech idioms in texts; and B) how the Deaf use idioms in their written communication – these examples are divided into several categories based on the type of idioms.

Klíčová slova / key words:

čeština jako cizí jazyk, frazeologie, neslyšící, psaná čeština, znakový jazyk

Czech as a foreign language, phraseology, sign language, the Deaf, written Czech

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Zbořilová, Radka (2016): A kde je tedy zakopaný ten pes? – Čeští neslyšící a frazeologie. Lingvistika Praha 2015 [online]. Publ. 29. 2. 2016. Cit. 19. 6. 2024. Dostupné z WWW: <>.

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